It is not uncommon for conflicts between actors to arise during the shooting of movies. It is common for small issues to arise even if the two opinions are not the same. Also, there are rumors that a minor issue has arisen between the two kissers in Tollywood.

There are reports that the two have not spoken about the controversy between Nivedita Thomas, a telugu girl in tollywood, and Regina, the heroine who has been linked with her acting glamor. Regina and reportedly Sudhir varma are co-starring in a movie.

Currently, the two are busy shooting for the film. However, during the shooting of the film, a rift broke out between the two, according to tollywood Talk. With that the two of them didn't even talk. It seems that the film unit is also trying to reconcile the two. In fact, when a movie is being shot, it's also good to see the relationship between the actors in it.

If there are words between the two to act in any scene, there will be an opportunity to discuss and act further. The absence of words between the two has now become a headache for the film Utin. If this is the case.

Nivedita Thomas recently starred in a key role in the movie Vakil Saab starring power star pawan kalyan as the hero. Nivedita's scenes in the film got good marks. Regina is currently busy with web series and movies. Apart from telugu, Regina is also performing in other languages.

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