Injustice to the individual like a maniac dog .. Madhavan's rocket trailer goes viral

Rocketry is a movie written, directed, and produced by actor Madhavan. He is also the protagonist of the title of this film. The film, which was critically acclaimed at the premiere of the Cannes Film Festival, is currently in high demand.

The film is based on several incidents in the life of a scientist named Nambi Narayanan. The multi-crore film is set to release on July 1.

In this situation, the trailer of the movie Rocketry has been released and has attracted a lot of fans. At the beginning of this trailer, it starts as if madhavan is being attacked by the police. Many of the injustices that followed for madhavan are shown with intimidating background music.

And the rocket-related shots are all quite epic. Surya, who looks even more special, will surely receive applause for the verse that is enough to give the title of traitor to make a man unable to lift his head.

Through this film, madhavan speaks loudly about the injustice done to an individual named Nambi Narayanan. madhavan, who has chosen and created a story like this, will get compliments. The trailer, which is currently out in that category, has received rave reviews from many and sparked interest in the film.

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