A two-part movie tradition was established by Baahubali. It pioneered the practise of leaving the first instalment on a cliffhanger and building up tremendous anticipation for the follow-up. The same formula is now being used by Pushpa. Numerous tollywood bigwigs are reportedly planning to follow the same trend, according to the most recent rumours. Prabhas' Project K and Salaar, Pawan Kalyan's OG, and hari Hara Veera Mallu are all expected to be split into two parts, according to rumours.

If the rumours are accurate, prabhas appears to have constrained himself by acting in these two-part movies. prabhas will have to work on Project K and Salaar for a further five years if they turn out to be such movies. prabhas dedicated five of his most productive years to Baahubali. And now, Salaar and Project K will be worked on for a further five years. In a ten-year period, prabhas will only appear in three different roles.

Radhe shyam and saaho were present, although they were forgettable characters. people claim that prabhas is limiting himself by doing these two-part movies on social media. Investing so much time in one movie is also dangerous since not every director is as talented as SS Rajamouli.

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