Pushpa star allu arjun always makes sure that he reacts a day late when it comes to mega films or film-related reactions these days. Even for the rrr Oscar award, the recipient only announced his good news on social media a day later, grabbing everyone's notice. allu arjun has always been the center of attraction as there has been a cold war brewing between him and 'Mega' fans as always. allu arjun also clearly knows this and still, he gets more into the battle.

However, no one would have predicted that he would delay his birthday wishes in the same way that he didn't write for Mega PowerStar ram charan on his birthday the previous day. He didn't post anything on social media for his adored sibling, and he didn't go to megastar Chiranjeevi's house last night for his star-studded birthday party.

Earlier, allu arjun explained that the reason why the majority of the mega family heroes don't show up to each other's film-related events is to avoid giving the impression that the group is trying to promote itself. However, some incensed ram charan supporters claim that one wouldn't comprehend if a birthday wish also falls under the same law.

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