The film dasara raises a lot of expectations, but it only partly lives up to them. We've seen plenty of village backdrop movies, but the production team chose a telangana village as the backdrop for this one to give it a distinct feel. The completely rural setting worked out well, and the personalities seamlessly fit into the plot. In many ways, debutant director Srikanth Odela did a good job, but he lost a chance to make a fantastic movie. 

Around the intermission and in the sequences that follow, the narrative has its high points. The finished sarpanch Nambi thread looked good. For a while, dharani and Suri's thread of sacrifice and companionship held together. The second half could be very emotionally charged thanks to Dharani's choice in a pivotal moment, but the narration focuses solely on revenge drama. The superhit tune "Chakhila Angeelesi" appears at a crucial moment but is incredibly ineffective on screen. 

The narrative was oversimplified and petered out in the middle. The crowds enjoy the big battle at the end, but Nani's return in the epilogue is a misfire. Dialogue is a notable area where the movie excels; it works well in many situations. director Srikanth Odela has demonstrated power in creating the climax and intermission blocks. The introduction train sequence's shoddy graphics are an effort gone wrong. The background soundtrack and music by santhosh narayanan are excellent. The photography of Suryan is superb. It's excellent to get the shot even in dimly lit situations. Overall, the technological aspects of this movie are strong.

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