There have long been rumours that Superstar Mahesh is delaying #SSMB28 because he required numerous guarantees from the film's director Trivikram. One of the key components is casting, another is the bound script, and the final component is schedules. With all of that in mind, there is now talk that the filmmaker has been greatly affected by the star hero.

Trivikram actually chooses his stories, his artists, and the names of his films with a lot of emotion. He adheres to the conviction of choosing a name that starts with the telugu letter "Aa" especially when it comes to the nomenclature of his films. He has methodically followed it from Aa Aa, Agnyaathavasi, Aravinda Sametha, Attarintiki Daredhi, to Ala Vaikuntapurramlo. Even though he answers all the calls, the director's sentiment for Mahesh Babu's film has altered, despite the fact that it wasn't replicated for his other projects like bheemla nayak and BRO.

The movie's title changed to "Guntur Kaaram" out of the blue, and it's claimed that mahesh babu influenced the director to make the change. He wants to be careful to avoid adopting the sentimental views of the filmmaker and only follow what is best for the movie. Similar to this, it is claimed that the star hero influenced trivikram to change various aspects of the plot, the casting, and a few action scenes.

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