Vijay is enjoying himself with these two people..!?

The shooting of lokesh Kanagaraj's Leo is going on in full swing. The talk of this much-anticipated film is making the film industry buzz now. Moreover, many news related to the story have come out and the expectations of the fans are increasing. In this case, two actors are having fun at the Leo shooting spot. In other words, lokesh has cast all the stars in the film. Trisha, Arjun, and sanjay dutt are also acting along with Vijay.

Usually with two or three celebrities, there is no dearth of liveliness in the place. If there are so many star armies in it, it should be said. That's how the Leo shooting spot is always a blast. In that way, Vijay always leaves time alone for his work. That means he will schedule everything properly like shooting at this time and food at this time and follow it. He will not give these things up for anything. That's how he is following everything right now in Leo's shooting spot. Apart from this, both Myshkin and Mansoor ali Khan have been making the shooting site happy. Vijay is thoroughly enjoying watching their sibling rivalry and is lively.
In this way, all the film crew is talking and laughing like a family, but they are also careful about the film work. It is noteworthy that lokesh has completed all the shooting work and is getting ready to start the next phase of work.

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