Special care for Megastar's daughter-in-law..!?

It is known that Megastar's daughter-in-law upasana Konidela is going to be a mother. megastar chiranjeevi happily shared this with his fans. Grandson or granddaughter is coming to their house! He shared his happiness with his fans. ram charan once again reminded us that upasana is already seven months pregnant. He said that he likes japan very much. He jokingly commented. The mega couple's bonding with the Japanese fans has not been told in that way.
What is upasana doing now? It means that the information does not even cross the threshold of the house. upasana, who was always busy with business activities, now seems to be completely away from them. It seems that the family members are taking great care of her as the months are approaching. At this time, Charan's affections are also necessary, so Charan reaches home straight after the shoot and spends time with his wife. Any work is called no work for these two months. It is reported that upasana is currently staying at her parents' house. It appears that the day is ending with doctors' instructions.
Regular checkups.. taking necessary medication. Until a month ago, they used to do small extra sizes. Now it is reported that they are completely away from them. Also, it appears that upasana is careful not to leak baby bump photos anywhere on social media. Will they be officially released? Will you keep it confidential? Don't know that. Mega fans are eagerly waiting for those hours.

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