Ashish Vidyarthi's Overnight Decision - Painful..?

Ashish Vidyarthi startled everyone last week when he announced his second marriage to businesswoman rupali Barua at the age of 57. Only their immediate relatives and close friends attended the secret wedding in court, where they were wed. In a recent interview, the actor discussed his divorce from ex-wife Piloo Vidyarthi.

According to reports, ashish revealed that the decision to end his relationship with his ex-wife was difficult to make and that they both attempted to make it work before finally saying "I'm done." We toiled on it collectively for several months and gave it careful thought. Finally, after realising that it wasn't working, we made a decision. This was not a quick decision.

The actor revealed that they continue to co-parent their kid Arth and are quite friendly with one another. With great memories of an incredible marriage, Piloo and I are moving forward. My son's mother was never something I considered Piloo to be. Piloo is my pal. The separation with Piloo, ashish continued, was agonising. "Parting is painful. It is quite challenging. When asked how his connection with rupali began, Vidyarthi disclosed that they had first met while he was working on a video assignment for one of his blogs. From that point on, they had a strong chemistry. 


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