The success percentage is so low when there are at least two movies released every friday that just one movie succeeds for a whole month. dasara in march and Virupaksha in april both became worldwide blockbusters. Nearly every other pure telugu movie released during those two months—including Shaakuntalam, Agent Raavanasura, Metre, and others—was a failure.

It appears that May did not even have that one significant achievement. Two dubbing films dominated the telugu box office for the whole month of May. Bichagadu 2 by Vijay Anthony and 2018 are the first two. Mem Famous, the only telugu film to survive, was not as popular as these two dub films.

His Bichagadu popularity and effective promotion of Bichagadu 2 contributed to the successful release of this film. 2018 brought a total surprise gift that returned three times the investment made in Telugu. May saw the largest box office success thanks to the survival thriller based on the kerala floods.

No other film could break through at the box office but these two dubs. None of the straight telugu films we had, including Rama Banam, Ugram, Anni Manchi Sakunamule, Custody, Men Too, and Malli Pelli, were commercially successful.

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