Ajith's son surprised like father bike race..!?

Ajith's forthcoming film directed by Magizh Thirumeni is Vidamuyarchi. While the fans are anxiously waiting for when the film will start, a picture of him with his son has come out and is going viral. After the success of Thunivu, Ajith's next film Vidhathalai is set to set many expectations. In this case, ajith is showing interest in many sports training like aero modeling, biking, shooting, and racing.

After that, he is also encouraging his son in sports. A photo related to that has appeared on social media and is being talked about a lot. And seeing this, many people are surprised that he is changing his son like himself. tamil cinema celebrities ajith and shalini have also received praise for supporting their son Aadvik's efforts in football. And such a photo of little ajith is getting a good response among the fans.

After that, Ajith's fans are commenting that he is playing with a little head like little Ronaldo in Advik's photo. In this way, famous actor Madhavan's son's achievement in a swimming competition was widely talked about. Similarly, fans are expecting Ajith's son to succeed in football. Also, film circles are talking about Ajith's son Advik's interest in his father.

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