Leonardo DiCaprio getting 'intimate' with an Italian model!!!


An exclusive report from Page Six claims that American actor and producer Leonardo DiCaprio has found a new love interest and that their relationship is developing into something more serious. According to reports, the Oscar-winning actor is dating Italian model Vittoria Ceretti, 25. The couple has been seen together on several outings over the last few months, which has led to rumours about the dynamics of their relationship. According to an insider close to the couple, "they've been putting in quite a bit of leisure time jointly over the past few months, and they're delighting in becoming to know one another on a more intimate level."

On august 9, Leo and Vittoria created their first public appearance as couple during an enjoyable night out at the Spanish club H Ibiza. The two could be seen kissing and dancing together in an exclusive video that Page Six was able to secure. Neon lights lit up the club as they did so. A few weeks later, they went on a more laid-back date in California, stopping in Santa Barbara to enjoy ice cream and iced coffee.

On august 22, a witness saw the two having a close connection while they were out. She said of the pair's chemistry: "The manner in which they conversed to each other... You will could sense the energy." Since then, the couple has continued their relationship overseas; they most recently attended the Vogue World: london party together. Page Six claims that "Leo and Vittoria were conversing and twirling together all night," indicating that their relationship is more than just a passing fling.

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