Like your father, you are vile, cruel, and have ruined my life. It has ruined the lives of so many actresses. I know Shaheen, sangeetha and all other actresses. Many actresses including me have lost their lives because of you. You have ruined his life. For many years, he abused your mother. You were also speechless after seeing that. You are a nasty person like your father. You were able to watch your father abuse your mother. Even now you look at such a vile father as a god. As the son of such a father, you have also tortured many actresses. A few months ago, bollywood actress Somi ali took a swipe at actor salman khan saying that he had ruined my life by entering my life at the age of 17. salman khan used me as he wanted, raped me, enjoyed himself with cigarettes and poured alcohol on me. Attacked. He also said that there were injuries due to his beating. But it was his pain that salman khan has not been punished so far.

Somi Ali, who appeared in the 1990s films Buland, Anta and Yaar Ghadar, is salman Khan's ex-girlfriend. After dating for more than eight years, salman kept Somi away. Many such actresses have accused salman khan, who is called the most eligible bachelor of Bollywood. He is always in the news for his love affairs. Actress Somi ali is one of them. Somi and salman news is a hot topic in Bollywood. Somi, who is also salman Khan's ex-girlfriend, has been making similar accusations against salman for a few years.

Their demand was that salman khan, who had tortured them and made their lives hell, should apologize publicly. If this is not done, I have threatened to do whatever I have to do. 'Salman Khan never apologized personally. Now his dark face is pale. Actress Somi said, "Salman, who uses girls as he wants, should apologize to everyone and the injustice done to me should be done." 'I know I'm getting pressure to remove these posts. I also know that if I don't, my sanity will be questioned. No wonder I am seriously accused of being drunk and out of my mind to write like this. No matter what anyone says, I have to write this stuff. No matter who is sarcastic, they cannot see the pain I am going through. Because you have not experienced that shame. Actress Somi had said that I am enduring all kinds of torture.

But now the actress has hit back. All those old posts are deleted. I'm not the one who said it first. My instagram account has been hacked. The actress said that it has come to my attention now! He denied the allegations against salman Khan. I haven't posted anything bad. My latest post is about Ganapati festival. That is my love festival. But now my instagram account is hacked. I have changed my password to secure my account. Hereby I have taken action for online safety. He said that there is no allegation against salman Khan. Hearing this, netizens are venting their anger against the actress.

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