Two telugu films and a tamil movie with subtitles were premiered in theatres last week on september 15, but sadly none of them did well financially. vishal and SJ Suryah played the main characters in the tamil film "Mark Antony" in its dubbed version. The film's director was Adhik Ravichandran, and Ritu varma portrayed the female protagonist. selva raghavan played a significant part in it as well.

The movie, however, did poorly at the telugu box office. The audience didn't connect with the movie's use of time travel. The movie received negative reviews for its overacting in several parts, excessive yelling, and a disjointed second half, which resulted in low box office receipts and a failure status in Telugu.

The movie "Changure Bangaru Raja," which was directed by actor ravi Teja, failed to attract much notice since it wasn't well promoted and had trouble telling its tale. The picture had lesser-known performers in it, which contributed to its lack of popularity.

A similar fate befell the third film, "Ramanna Youth," which was based in Telangana. It received criticism for the monotonous narrative and the insertion of several new characters without a compelling plot.

The publication date of "Skanda" by ram pothineni and boyapati Sreenu, which was originally planned for last week, has been moved forward to this month's 28th. The release of "Peddakapu," directed by srikanth Addala, is scheduled for this month's 29th, and both releases are anticipated.

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