The friendship of bollywood stars is often cited, but there are no less stories of their fights.

From the fight between karisma kapoor and raveena tandon to the tension between Sunny

Deol and Anil Kapoor, it has been in the headlines. Today we are introducing you to the dirty

fights of Bollywood’s Dilbar girl i.e. Nora Fatehi. Earlier in this fight, slaps had rained. After

that hair was pulled and after that severe fighting started. Let us introduce you to that


There was a dirty fight in the debut movie

Nora Fatehi had revealed one of her fights on national TV. She had told that when she was

doing her debut film Roar, she had a dirty fight with her co-star. Nora had told that a co-star

was continuously misbehaving with her on the sets of Roar. This enraged Nora badly. He

slapped the actor hard. After this a scuffle started between the two.

Story was narrated in Kapil Sharma's show

Nora Fatehi had narrated this story in Kapil Sharma's show, knowing about which both Kapil

Sharma and ayushmann khurrana were surprised. Nora had told that there was a co-star. He

was continuously misbehaving with me. I got angry so I slapped him. In response he also

slapped her several times. When I slapped again he started pulling my hair. After this I also

pulled her hair. After this the quarrel between the two continued to escalate.

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