Due to a number of factors, naga Chaitanya's upcoming movie, provisionally titled "NC23," was able to attract significant interest even before its official release. The concept is first and foremost supported by famous production company geetha Arts. The project is being directed by Chandoo Mondeti, whose previous film, Karthikeya-2, was a huge hit. The interesting idea, which is based on actual events in a fisherman's life, has further piqued viewers' interest.

With the addition of brilliant actress sai pallavi to the ensemble, the hype is now expected to grow. The creators revealed a little video sample as part of their inventive advertising campaign, showing the core crew participating in a brainstorming session while at work. In this session, naga chaitanya, Chandoo Mondeti, Allu Arvind, and bunny vas can be seen engaging in serious conversation.

Everyone's attention is drawn to the woman who is present in this workshop. Despite the fact that her face is not clearly seen, sai pallavi is obviously identifiable. As a result, it is now undeniably confirmed that the fidaa actress will be appearing in this much anticipated movie. After "Love Story," sai pallavi will romance naga chaitanya for the second time in her career.

Sai Pallavi's casting appears ideal because NC23 is a genuine drama. Because of the popularity she enjoys among viewers, including her is certain to raise expectations to a new level. There were earlier rumours that keerthi suresh had been considered for the position. Due to her packed schedule, she decided to back out. sai pallavi was therefore hired after she appreciated the storyline and her role.

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