Through her participation in the reality competition Bigg Boss, YouTuber siri Hanmanth garnered notoriety and a sizable fan base. She was able to establish a personal relationship with her fans because to her social media presence, especially on instagram and YouTube. When she appeared on film alongside Shah Rukh Khan in Jawaan, she immediately became the buzz of the town.

In a recent interview, siri related the tale of how she came to land a job on "Jawaan." She said that when she first got a call about the position, she assumed it was a practical joke. But once her manager established the legitimacy of the offer, siri understood she had a real chance to collaborate with Shah Rukh Khan in an Atlee-directed movie.

Siri said that she was first stunned by the event and even questioned the cast and crew as to whether Shah Rukh Khan was really in the movie. siri remembered how her talks were difficult for her and sometimes required many attempts. "I nearly needed seven takes for a sequence, and atlee sir was upset with the assistant director. He was indirectly angry with me, and I knew it. Shah Rukh sir then approached me and inquired as to why I wasn't doing adequately. I confessed to him my fear of performing with him. He said, "How can I get scared looking at a handsome person," in an attempt to calm me down. Later, I succeeded," siri remarked.

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