Navya Nanda is an entrepreneur and the granddaughter of amitabh bachchan and Shweta Bachchan Nanda. She worked with Tinkle on her project, "Project Naveli," in order to address touchy themes like women's education. We questioned Navya about if she ever feels worried by queries about her legacy and whether she has ever been undercut by them during an exclusive interview with

When asked whether she has faced criticism for coming from a powerful family, Navya responded, "It's an intriguing question! people frequently bring about my last name and family history, and I enjoy pointing out that everyone has a last name. In addition to having a last name that requires value and respect, everyone has one as well, so it is not simply my obligation to live up to mine.

Navya is not just a businesswoman but also a podcast host. In a similar vein, she told that she is continually searching for new platforms to connect with her fans and that podcasting was one of those platforms. She said, "I had fun doing it." Navya was raised around powerful ladies. She is from a business family and has spent most of her life in Delhi. She noted that her parents, both financially and emotionally, had supported her desire to pursue entrepreneurship.

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