Directed by debutant kalyan Shankar, 'MAD' promises to be a laugh riot from start to finish. The trailer gives us a glimpse of the vibrant and eccentric characters that populate the college campus, each with their quirks and idiosyncrasies, making for an entertaining ensemble.

Leading the pack is Narne Nithiin, who plays a pivotal role in the film. nithin is joined by a talented cast, including Sangeet Shobhan, ram nithin, Sri Gauri priya Reddy, Ananathika, and gopika Udayan, each of whom adds their unique flavor to the comical chaos that unfolds on screen. The music for 'MAD' has been composed by the talented Bheems Cecirolio, promising a foot-tapping soundtrack that complements the film's energetic and humorous vibe. Meanwhile, the editing duties are in the capable hands of naveen Nooli, ensuring that the pacing and comic timing of the film are spot on. The cinematography, executed by shyam Dutt and Dinesh Krishnan, captures the vibrancy of college life in all its glory, enhancing the overall visual appeal of the movie.

'MAD' is all set to hit theaters on october 6th, much to the delight of eager fans who can't wait to witness the uproarious comedy unfold on the big screen. The much awaited trailer of the uproarious comedy 'MAD' has finally been unleashed, and it's creating quite a stir among movie enthusiasts. Starring Narne Nithiin, the brother-in-law of the esteemed actor Young tiger Jr NTR, 'MAD' is all set to take the audience on a rollercoaster ride of laughter and entertainment. Since the release of its teaser, the film has been garnering immense attention, and now, with the trailer out in the open, the excitement has reached new heights.

Directed by the promising kalyan Shankar, 'MAD' promises to be a youthful comedy extravaganza that delves into the humorous clashes and rivalries between seniors and juniors on an engineering college campus. Jr NTR, who is celebrated not only for his remarkable acting prowess but also for his commitment to nurturing new talents in the industry, extended his best wishes to the 'MAD' team. He unveiled the theatrical trailer of the film, emphasizing his support for fresh and innovative storytelling in telugu cinema. The trailer of 'MAD' is a proof to the filmmakers' intent to cater to the youth audience. It is packed with rib-tickling moments, hilarious one-liners, and situational comedy that is sure to leave the audience in splits. The film's tagline, 'Make A Difference,' is evident in the way it humorously portrays the experiences and escapades of college students as they navigate the ups and downs of campus life.

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