Ranbir Kapoor, the protagonist of Animal movie, wants to create a special craze for himself in the fan market of India. In telugu  & Hindi, this movie is likely to get good openings. In other languages, there is a possibility to increase the movie collections depending on the talk. Many different stories are coming out about the length of this movie for many days. 

Everyone was surprised when the talk came that this movie is going to be three hours long in theatres. There is no need to be tense in that regard, sandeep said that every scene in the movie is very impressive. But the run time has been fixed in this range, which means that if you know about the run time that the director has done in the first place, you have to be shocked. 

According to the final out foot, Sandeep reddy cut Animal at 3.49 minutes. He is the editor of this movie. It seems that every scene is necessary for the film. These days, if an out-foot gets more than three hours, it is edited to two-and-a-half hours as much as possible. The directors are very upset in this matter. If some of the hard-worked scenes are lost in editing, they suffer a lot. But no matter how well it is made, it is very difficult to keep the audience sitting in theatres for three hours. In a way it is a risky job. 

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