It's time to take the biryani bucket again.. karthi who gave Prisoner 2 Update:

CHENNAI: karthi, who started his film career with Paruthi Veeran, is a leading actor in tamil cinema today. He has a huge fan base in tamil, telugu, malayalam and Kannada. They are not just fans but also do many good things for the public. To encourage them, karthi threw a party today and entertained the fans by telling them an update about the movie Kaithi 2.

Actor Karthi's 47th birthday was celebrated in May. On that day, his fans donated blood and did many things to help the poor and needy people. In order to encourage their contribution, he personally called the fans and gave them certificates, gave them a party and took photos with them. Speaking on this, karthi said that fan clubs should not be just a forum. You should continue to help people as you are doing now. That is why I will always be with you.

Prisoner 2: Continuing, he said, two films are over. Both films will be released back to back. That's all, we are going to start Sardaar 2, lokesh sir has asked to come next year. The time has come to eat a bucket of biryani again, the fans have given an update on the second part of the much-awaited Kaati. Fans are very happy with this. Kaithi: The 2019 movie Kaithi starring karthi directed by lokesh Kanagaraj. He played a prisoner in the film and gave a brilliant performance. The movie, which grossed Rs 100 crore at the box office, starred karthi, Naren, Dina, George Marion, and Arjun Das. Dubbed in both telugu and malayalam, there was fierce competition for the remake rights in other languages. While the fans are waiting for the second part of the film, karthi is currently giving an update on Prisoner 2.

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