N.R. Narayana Murthy, the founder of Infosys, urged Union Finance minister Nirmala Sitaraman on saturday to reinstate the previous policy of allowing NRIs to remain in the nation for 183 days. Speaking at the Deshpande Foundation's 14th "Development Dialogue" conference in Hubballi, Murthy said, "NRIs have a heart for India's development even if they are not required to. They visit and stay here for the same purpose." Murthy insisted that he had asked the political establishment and the bureaucracy to embrace NRIs.

"They are quite valuable and... We ought to be friendly with them and lessen tensions for them "added he. According to Murthy, the government has lost 63 days of the presence of NRIs who labour to improve indian society because of the decision to cut their stay from 183 days to 120 days in a fiscal year. He stated, "My humbly plea to the Union Finance minister is to bring back the former system in this regard and allow the NRIs who will improve the quality of life for the local people to stay for a longer duration."

"By accepting NRIs, who come with immense value, the purpose of converting the dreams of our country's founding fathers to give the poorest child in the remote hamlet access to good education, healthcare, nutrition, and a sheter will be achieved quickly," Murthy continued. "There is nothing wrong if NRIs are allowed to stay for 250 days. The nation would only gain from their presence, which will improve it. Additionally, it will have an effect on startups "added he.

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