Auto driver 'Speed' Murugesan, who had announced a free ride for a day if CSK won the trophy in the IPL final, fulfilled his promise on tuesday (May 30) in Chennai. Dhoni-led chennai Super Kings (CSK) beat hardik Pandya-led gujarat Titans by 5 wickets in the final of the IPL t20 cricket series and won the title for the 5th time.
With 10 runs needed from the last 2 balls, the excitement of the match increased when Jadeja flew the 5th ball for a six. The CSK team scored 171 runs for the loss of 5 wickets in 15 overs after chasing Jadeja's last ball towards fine leg for a boundary. Jadeja's 15 off 6 balls helped chennai win. 

Many fans of chennai Super Kings are celebrating their victory in a different way. 'Speed' Murugesan, an auto driver from Poontamalli Kattupakkam near chennai, is an ardent fan of CSK captain mahendra singh Dhoni. He had announced that if CSK won the IPL final, he would give him a free ride in his auto for a whole day. He had also tied a related banner on the back of his auto.

In this case, CSK won the IPL trophy for the fifth time. Hence, from this morning (May 30), as he had already announced, Speedu Murugesan is taking free rides in his auto. At around 3 pm on tuesday, Speedu Murugesan, riding through the Chepakkam ground, said: "My native place is kumbakonam in thanjavur district. My father is swaminathan and my mother is Thangammal. I was born on the 6th in our house. I came to chennai and have been driving autos for the past 12 years.

My wife Sukanyarani, son Harish is studying in class 4. I live in Poontamalli Kattupakkam with my wife and son. I am at my own house. I drive auto only in Borur area. From time to time I come to chennai city. Also, I have watched CSK team play matches in chennai many times. I will come and buy tickets according to the time when the tickets are sold. Usually if I start driving auto at 9 in the morning, I drive till 10 at night. Through this you will get a daily income of Rs.2 thousand.

I have been a big fan of dhoni since the start of 2007 IPL. It is his skill and luck that brings victory to the team he leads in the finals. I see that as the reason why so many people are attracted to him.
Likewise, his captaincy is one of the things that many fans like not only me but also lead the team. It was that leadership and character that led the indian team to win the world cup under his leadership. My wish is that he plays for another 10 years. However, it is not known whether this will happen.

I couldn't sit at home and watch the final yesterday. I had so much tension. I couldn't help but want to somehow buy the CSK trophy. Only after that four was gone did the relief come. I had already announced that if I won the trophy, it would be a free ride. Accordingly, on tuesday, as usual, I am taking a free ride from 9 o'clock.

So far (3pm) I have taken 15 rides. I visited many places including Perambur, Kolathur, Purasaivakkam, Kilpakkam. Even if someone reached out and invited me for a ride, I took him. people traveling in autos don't understand that when they get off they don't need to pay and it's free. Many do not believe. Then I explained by showing the banner tied behind the auto. Now I stopped for a short rest.

After 4pm, many rides are available. A lot of people come home from work and then I get busy again. My wish is for CSK captain and my favorite dhoni to play for another 10 years," he said. auto driver 'Speed' Murugesan, who is an ardent fan of dhoni, has been applauded by many for his service, along with CSK.

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