The polavaram project Authority has been requested by the State government to guarantee free passage of flood water at the polavaram project during the monsoon season. A warning against ponding water was issued, and it requested that all 48 of the storage reservoir's gates, including the river sluices, be open for the whole water year. Additionally, it asked for the start of protective steps to address the submergence problems occurring in Telangana's upstream areas.

Telangana has also emphasised the necessity for a new research by any impartial organisation operating under the auspices of the Central Water Commission in order to accurately quantify the PMF and its associated backwater effect while taking into account the most recent circumstances in the river cross sections.

With the project at its full reservoir level of 150 feet, the State has already built a compelling case for the submergence of 899 acres owing to standing water. The backwater impacts are projected to have an impact on another 50,000 acres of Telangana. With the project's impoundment of water, local stream stagnation and drainage congestion would have an even greater impact.

40,000 acres of property were impacted by the flooding in July of last year. Concern about the effects of the flood on the revered Lord Rama temple in bhadrachalam has been expressed by the State. In addition, it is of utmost importance to protect the Manuguru Heavy Water Plant from flood damage.

On its worries in 2019, the State has already petitioned the supreme Court. The State had brought up the submergence problems with the Central Water Commission and the polavaram project Authority in response to the supreme Court's directives from september 6, 2022.

According to the information accessible to andhra pradesh, telangana would be losing roughly 954 acres of land to submergence. In addition, the State desired the boundaries of the regions affected by backwaters that prevented the drainage of the Godavari's Kinnerasani and Murreduvagu tributaries between their upstream sites of kothagudem and Bhadrachalam.

The backwaters in the river during the monsoon would also obstruct the drainage system of another 31 similar small streams. In the telangana revenue mandals of Aswapuram, bhadrachalam, Burgumpadu, Cherla, Dummugudem, Pinapaka, and Manuguru, several lift irrigation systems, parks, and agricultural fields may be impacted.

The Central Water Commission has given its approval for a collaborative study on the drainage congestion of seven large streams, but the ap authorities have not yet given their approval. In the previous two months, the State had sent two letters to the ap authorities requesting an immediate ground survey.

In the event that ap refused to cooperate, the State encouraged the CWC to enable a survey without its assistance.

Godavari floods that reached 71.3 feet in bhadrachalam in July 2022 caused the submersion of 40,446 acres and the evacuation of 28,000 people from 103 communities. But andhra pradesh countered that the flood in the Godavari need not be a result of the project's water impoundment.

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