A ycp mla and former minister praised kotamreddy sridhar Reddy, the mla for nellore Rural, for his acting skills. anil kumar yadav, a former minister and mla for nellore City, has the honour of identifying the actor in sridhar Reddy because little is known about his acting prowess. This is as a result of their shared political involvement. anil kumar yadav recently said that kota srinivasa rao and sv Ranga Rao are inferior to sridhar Reddy as actors.

Added Anil Kumar Yadav: "Kotamreddy has recently given remarks at media conferences, and it is clear that what he says is theatrical and overblown. He will meet the same end as KA Paul, Bandla Ganesh, and pawan kalyan if he overreacts." Even though it is well known that sridhar Reddy was prepared to transfer political parties after his expectations for the ycp were not reached, the way he currently speaks about the group and the leader he formerly backed is hurting his political standing.

Anil Kumar continued: "Kotamreddy seems to have made it his mission to prove telugu society his acting prowess. Because of the different personas he plays throughout his media conference addresses, including gestures, emotions, fury, challenges, and the cunning obedience of a fox, he is receiving criticism for them." sridhar Reddy needs to realise that people are not easily duped and that such theatrics will have negative effects.

Screaming over the reduction in security personnel does not win Jagan's sympathy, nor does his assertion that the government has done so as a present by reducing the number of gunmen. The actual "gift" will be revealed by the election results.

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