Who is plotting to terrorize Punjab?

Security organizations believe Amritpal Singh is receiving money from Pakistan's ISI intelligence service. Sources associated with intelligence agencies have claimed that Khalistani sitting in America and pakistan want to disturb Punjab. They were plotting from abroad. Khalistani terrorists sitting in pakistan are promoting anti-national movements through Telegram, whatsapp and socialmedia.

Why is punjab the target of Amritpal Singh?

Amritpal Singh has become the biggest face of the Khalistani Movement. His speeches and lectures are becoming fiercely viral. Amritpal Singh is considering himself as Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale among lakhs of supporters. The movement being run regarding the Khalistani conspiracy and the punjab referendum has intensified. punjab has been troubled for decades. It is easy for pakistan to ignite the Khalistan movement. He has also rubbed the face of Amritpal Singh.

Amritpal Singh is now uniting the supporters of Khalistan. Bad propaganda is also being done against india in Kashmir. Efforts to disturb punjab have intensified. Amritpal Singh has become the face of the Khalistani movement in Punjab. His agenda is against India. Still, he is out of jail, people are also raising questions about the punjab government regarding this.

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