Don't use iPhones..!? Sudden action order..!?

It has been announced that none of the officials involved in election work in russia will be allowed to use apple iPhones after March. This action has been taken in the context of the presidential elections in the country next year.

Instructions to election Officers:

Russia will hold presidential elections next year. The preparatory work for this has already intensified. In this case, the first deputy head of the presidential administration, Sergey Krienko, held a meeting with officials involved in domestic politics in moscow earlier this month. At that time, it has been ordered that none of the officials involved in the work related to the presidential election should use apple iPhones.
iPhone being spied on?

The iphone is likely to be tracked by Western spy agencies. It's all over with the iPhone: throw it away or give it to the kids. Also, their use should be abandoned by the end of March. Instead, it is urged to use phones built on Android, the operating system developed by the Russian company Open mobile Platform, Chinese counterparts, or other smartphone software such as Aurora.
What is the problem?

In the context of the ongoing Ukraine-Russia war, the upcoming presidential election is considered very important. In this, it is said that Western countries may conspire to defeat Russian President Putin. Thus, in order to avoid the interference of Western countries in the elections, the use of iPhones by the officials engaged in election work has been prohibited.
Ban on sale of Apple:
Apple stopped selling its devices in russia after Russian forces launched an attack on ukraine in february last year. However, a few months later, there were reports that people in russia were still buying the new iphone 14 through legalized co-importation programs.

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