Telangana chief minister K Chandrashekhar Rao does not have the right to celebrate telangana Formation Day, according to YS Sharmila, leader of the ysr telangana party (YSRTP). He has lied to the state on several occasions. She unveiled a banner about KCR's shortcomings while paying respects to the state's martyrs at Gun Park on the eve of formation day.

The telangana cm has been challenged by YSRTP to recognize his crimes and failures, she said in a statement. "We once again demand kcr that he explain to the people of telangana why he has not kept his word on numerous promises today, on the eve of telangana Formation Day, while commemorating the tenth year," she continued.

Sharmila also asked kcr 10 questions, covering a wide range of state-related topics.

1. Why did you have to push the state to deep debts to the tune of Rs 4.5 lakh crores?

2. How much wealth did you amass in these ten years at the cost of the state?

3. Why did you not make a Dalit the cm of the state, as promised?

4. Why have you not provided irrigation to 10 million acres of land?

5. Why have you not extended loan waivers to farmers?

6. Where are the promised number of double-bedroom houses?

7. Where is the promised financial aid to telangana martyrs?

8. Why did you fail to distribute podu lands to tribals?

9. Where are the promised jobs and pensions for the unemployed?

10. Why have you not implemented the grandiose KG to PG scheme even after nine years?

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