As many political parties at the federal level attempt to form an alliance, industries minister and BRS working president KT Rama Rao stated people would not support simply joining forces to remove a leader or a party from power. He believed that the focus should instead be on presenting a better form of government, such as the telangana model.

This idea that the bjp or the congress must take the lead and the other parties must follow was equally incorrect. The working president of Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) stated in a casual conversation with media members on thursday that the BRS does not share that line of thinking.

A shared agenda outlining a better model of national government ought to exist. The telangana form of government was beneficial to its citizens and might be used to other States. Any agreement must be founded on a constructive plan of action that will benefit the country. He insisted that it couldn't be about ousting someone from authority.

"One must not undervalue the intelligence of the populace. They're not confused; the political parties are, according to Rama Rao.

The BRS working president stated that the BRS has not yet received an invitation to any talks that bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar had scheduled with other parties.

Any political party's main platform should promote growth and welfare, not just the removal of prime minister Narendra Modi or the bjp from office. Having stated that, he predicted that the prime minister will lose the next general election since the bjp administration has failed in every way.

The last 75 years of indian history have not seen a prime minister as incompetent, inefficient, or ineffectual as Modi. Rama Rao identified the following as the single fault of the Prime Minister: most inflation, biggest unemployment in 30 years, highest LPG price in the world, and lowest rupee value.

Contrarily, telangana has accomplished in the last nine years what other administrations could not in 75 years. He asserted that the topic at hand should be discussed, not any particular political position.

Maharashtra and odisha were being added to the BRS's geographic reach. He said, "We have been on our own all these years and we will continue to be so," adding that the party was in this for the long haul and will play to its strengths.

When BRS organised three public meetings in maharashtra, the state government swiftly offered input subsidies for farmers along the lines of Rythu Bandhu. The maharashtra government was now establishing M-Hub after being impressed with Telangana's T-Hub. srikanth Shinde, son of chief minister Eknath Shinde, had personally contacted and wished to go to T-Hub, he revealed.

Political parties begin to consider welfare and development when they realise that their strongholds are in danger of collapsing, he claimed. "In the art of political procedure, it makes little difference whose leader leads the nation. However, Rama Rao emphasised that providing the people with effective administration is ultimately important.

Delimitation of lok sabha Seats

Regarding the delineation of lok sabha seats, the BRS working president said that despite the Southern States' efforts at population control and GDP contribution, a great deal of unfairness will be meted out to them.

North or South india was not at issue. If population became a criteria, there was worry that Southern States would receive fewer seats. According to Rama Rao, any such exercise should take into account the views of all political parties and, if necessary, the Constitution should be changed to make a few amendments.

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