On Thursday, Energy minister G. jagadish reddy accused the congress and bjp of staging a spectacle to get votes in the upcoming elections by choosing to commemorate Telangana's foundation day on june 2.

At an interview with the media at his camp headquarters at this location, jagadish reddy said that both parties had been working towards the same goal—to win the state's next elections—and had engaged in unethical tactics in the process. He recalled how the leaders of these two national parties had been smearing the BRS administration and making unfounded accusations against the chief minister K Chandrashekhar Rao in an effort to harm his reputation.

He made it quite obvious that the bjp, which failed to advance the nation, and the congress, which was unable to serve as an opposition force, are morally unqualified to celebrate any accomplishments. telangana agitators achieved victory with the creation of the state of Telangana. There is no moral justification for these two political parties to observe telangana establishment day. When the trs demanded the resignation of Telangana's mla and mp in order to put pressure on the UPA administration about the creation of telangana state during the telangana agitation, the leaders of the congress and bjp withdrew their demands.

He emphasised how, as soon as the bjp took office at the federal level, seven telangana mandals were amalgamated with Andhra Pradesh. G Kishan reddy, a union minister, has no moral standing to discuss telangana creation day festivities.

He said that the state administration had made the decision to celebrate telangana state creation day on a huge scale every decade in order to highlight the progress made by the state over the previous nine years. In terms of the wellbeing of the populace, the state also ranked first in the nation, he said. He later looked over the preparations made to launch a boating facility at Saddala Cheruvu.

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