On september 27, the outcomes of the telangana State Teacher Eligibility Test (TS TET) 2023, which was held on Friday, will be made public. Out of 2,69,557 registered candidates, 84.12% showed up for paper I, which was held for candidates seeking teaching eligibility for grades I through V. When it came to the paper-II exam, which was offered for applicants to teacher positions for grades VI to VIII, 2,08,498 people registered and 1,89,963 attempted it.

The wrong question paper was given in Sircilla

Candidates who were taking the TET in sircilla were reportedly buzzed after receiving the incorrect question papers on Friday. Instead of biological science papers being distributed in the afternoon session at Siddartha school in Shivanagar of sircilla, environment science papers were. In sircilla, 15 testing locations hosted the TET exam.

However, the biological science question papers were delivered, providing candidates more time to write the exam, once officials realised the error in 40 minutes. Candidates claimed that officials' negligence was to blame for the error. district Education Officer Ramesh Kumar responded to the situation by stating that the incident occurred because the exam papers were sent late.

The officials' carelessness has become a plague for the TET exam students in Rajanna Sirisilla district. Candidates who have worked hard for years to qualify for teaching positions are perplexed by the authorities' carelessness when they go to write the exam. After one paper was provided instead of another at the Rajanna Sirisilla district centre, the officials discovered uncertainty and resolved it forty minutes into the exam.

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