Former bihar government minister cum Chhatapur bjp mla neeraj kumar Bablu on sunday lashed out at

Chief minister nitish kumar over the discussion about joining the NDA. He said that such discussion is not

going to make any difference. nitish kumar himself is upset and I think nitish kumar is upset with RJD.

There is a problem with the way Lalu Yadav is pressurizing his son to become the Chief minister, but you can

rest assured that bjp does not need such petty party activities. bjp has become so strong on the basis of its

work and on the strength of its workers that bharatiya janata party will win maximum seats in every

upcoming election.

BJP mla spoke on the issue of Sanatan Dharma

Neeraj Kumar Bablu said that we will win 40 out of 40 seats in the lok sabha and in 2025 we will form the

Bharatiya Janata party government in bihar, this is absolutely certain. Therefore there is no need for such

small parties. At the same time, on the controversy regarding Sanatan Dharma, he said that now if someone

goes mental, there is no answer to it. If there is any priest or protector of Sanatan Dharma, then it is the

Bharatiya Janata party which is engaged in saving Sanatan Dharma. Is engaged in taking Sanatan forward.

You are seeing how RJD ministers are abusing Sanatan, how they are calling Ramayana poison and leaders of

other states are saying this. Why don't the people of the arrogant alliance take action against them?

Neeraj Kumar Bablu lashed out at 'India' alliance

BJP mla further said that 'India' alliance and all other alliances have become anti-Sanatan. These people are

engaged in spoiling the atmosphere in the country and the state regarding Sanatan. They are engaged in

spreading rebellion so that there may be rebellion among themselves, there may be violence and spread of

caste frenzy. These people are engaged in this work. Whenever elections come, these people remain engaged

in such scandals. They keep making such statements against the entire Sanatan Dharma.

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