On Monday, before the commencement of the special session of parliament in Delhi, aam aadmi party MP

from jalandhar, punjab Sushil Kumar Rinku has given a big statement. In response to a question regarding

women’s reservation, he said that there should be reservation for women (women reservation bill). We support

this bill. Along with this, he has also demanded the central government to conduct caste census. He has

accused the central government of hiding the agenda of the special session from the opposition parties.

AAP MPs allowed to enter new Parliament

Aam Aadmi party leader and jalandhar MP Sushil Rinku further said that the opposition parties have

demanded that the suspension of the party's rajya sabha MPs sanjay singh and Raghav Chadha should be

cancelled. They too have every right to enter the new parliament with respect. The entire opposition has

demanded that the suspension of Sanjay and Raghav Chaddha be cancelled. Along with everyone else, they

also have the right to appear in the new Parliament.

Why are you reluctant to discuss the bill?

Apart from this, regarding the all-party meeting, he said that in such meetings, the leaders of the ruling party

discuss about the bills coming in the house, but in the meeting of all the parties on Sunday, there was no

discussion on any bill. Leaders from the government side did not show interest in discussing any bill with the

opposition. Sushil Kumar Rinku said that the ruling party avoided discussing the main topic during the all-

party meeting. Meanwhile, AAP has issued a whip to its parliamentarians for the special session of

Parliament. Whip has been issued to all the MPs to remain in the house during the entire special session of

the House.

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