The words secularism and socialism are missing from the copies of the Constitution distributed by the

government after entering the new parliament building. Opposition parties have made this a big issue. On

this issue, AAP mp sanjay singh has claimed that bjp has nothing to do with both the words. What does

bjp mean by peace and secularism in the country? His thinking is different from the thinking of baba Saheb

Dr. Ambedkar and other constitution makers. bjp does not want to establish socialism i.e. an egalitarian

society. Therefore, what does this mean for bjp people? Yes, they can definitely pass on the benefit of Rs 13

lakh crore to their capitalist friends. So that they can rob banks. Their interest is in driving their friends out

of the country safely. Earlier too, when the central government had distributed the calendar, the same game

was played in it also.

If you can, leave the Constitution too

The truth is that bjp hates secularism and socialism. They want to maintain inequality in the country. bjp is

a party built on the foundation of hatred. If they have their way, they can do anything. Taking the name of

PM Modi, sanjay singh said that when he entered the parliament in 2014, he had bowed down. Now left the

Parliament. Now they have entered the new parliament with the Constitution. In the coming days they will

leave the Constitution and go somewhere else.

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