Due to the lack of a road to the crematorium near Kovilpatti in Thoothukudi district, the villagers staged a road blockade. Koosalipatti is an area under Ilupbaiyurani panchayat near Kovilpatti in Thoothukudi district. It is said that there is no proper road to reach the crematorium here. Due to this, there is a situation where one has to go through private land. The people of the area painfully report that after every death, the body is sent to the cremation ground only after a fierce struggle. Also, no action has been taken despite the repeated demands of the villagers to give an alternative place to the owner of the private land and make a road to the crematorium. In this case, Murugesan, who belongs to that village, died and could not go to the crematorium to bury the body. The owner of the private place has erected a wire fence, so the body cannot be transported. Following this, Murugesan's relatives and the villagers started a road blockade on the Kovilpatti, Cuddalaiyur road demanding the construction of a road to the crematorium. Following this, Kovilpatti Tahsildar Lenin and the police held talks with the protestors.
Soon the owner of the private land will be given a place to shift and a road will be constructed to lead to the cremation ground, and the protest was abandoned after he said that the body has now been allowed to be transported through the private land. Due to this, traffic in the area was affected for some time. The public has expressed their anguish that the revenue department is not taking any action even after the owner of the private land said that if the government gives him an alternative place, he can build a road to go to the cremation ground.

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