The demand for regularization has intensified before the assembly elections in chhattisgarh (Chhattisgarh

election 2023). In the month of July this year, 45 thousand contractual employees agitated for a month against

the government (Congress Government).

Now again preparations are going on for a big and unique protest against the government. This time thousands of

employees are going to take out a procession against the government. For this, preparations are being made on a

large scale and all departmental employees unions are trying to gather crowds from across the state.

Employees will take out a procession against the government tomorrow

In fact, the contractual employees have decided to protest against the government for two days on 23rd and 24th

September. To demand regularization, employees will take out a procession at the Tuta protest site in Naya

Raipur against the promises of the government. This demonstration will be conducted by the employees under

the banner of All Departmental Contractual Employees Federation and to gather crowd, a card has been prepared

for the employees to participate in the demonstration like a wedding card. In this, the employee has put forth his

demand before the government in a very interesting and contradictory manner.

Employee invitation card like wedding card

The contract employees have prepared their invitation cards like wedding cards. It is written in it that the

announcement of regularization was made in front of all of us in 2018 with the blessings of the Congress

strongman. Its election manifesto, assembly and departmental information are witnesses. Now after 5

inauspicious ascendants, in the election month of 2023, the trust of contract employees is going to be betrayed

with regularization. Therefore, all you contractual employees are respectfully invited to this procession of

promises. The entire program will be held at the protest site.

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