Former AIADMK minister Jayakumar has said that our movement does not have the habit of fearing fraud including income tax department audits. Former minister Jayakumar paid homage to the portrait of padma shri Dr. B. Sivanthi Adithanar at her memorial at Boys Garden, chennai on the occasion of her 88th birthday. Following this, he met the reporters and said that Sivanthi Aditanar is a grammar for socializing and friendship. A good teacher with a good temperament. He was the reason why father Adithanar left the work, especially Pattithotti to join Dinathanthi.

It was Sivanthi Aditanar who inspired and encouraged folk sports not to die out. Following this, a question was raised whether there has been a change in the stand of no alliance with the BJP. The person who answered this said that there is no change in the stand taken on the 18th that bjp is not in alliance with AIADMK. He said that the position is still continuing. Regarding the question related to AIADMK district secretaries meeting, it would not be right to talk about it now in the context of district secretaries meeting tomorrow. The decisions taken in the district secretaries meeting will be known tomorrow. Wait till then, he said. On the question of AIADMK legislators meeting bjp leaders in Delhi, shouldn't the legislators meet the central ministers about the situation in tamil Nadu? He questioned. Following this, the person close to them answered the question regarding the test held in the office, and said that there is no weight in the lap and therefore no fear. AIADMK is not a movement that fears poochandis. AIADMK is a movement that has gone through many trials. We cannot be intimidated by any kind of hypocrisy like an Income Tax audit. We have never shied away from our duty. He said that we will not be afraid of any poochandi.

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