Parents criticised a recently opened private school's administration for charging exorbitant tuition while purporting to offer Central Board of Secondary education (CBSE). Few parents protested in front of Greenwood High school in this city on Saturday, alleging that the administration had taken significant sums in the name of the national level board of education for two years but had not yet provided it. They demanded payment from the management of the charge.

When questioned, Ayub Baig, the school's principal, replied that parental agreement was obtained at the time of admissions. He predicted that it will take at least two years for CBSE to be recognised. He further stated that some parents were using student unions as a kind of blackmail against the institution's administration. According to district Educational Officer Sadaiah, the institution is not allowed to offer instruction through the CBSE. The management had already received a warning from the authorities for deceiving the parents.

The telangana Department of school education has issued new rules for setting the fee schedule for various classes in private schools. Every school affiliated with a different board was required to form a governing body consisting of the principal, teaching staff representative, president of the parent-teacher association, and an educated mother among the parents who would be nominated by the DEO, according to a memo issued by the department.

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