A father-son team is accused of severely beating, stripping, and forcing a Dalit lady to drink urine in Patna, Bihar, on saturday night after she resisted their requests for more money despite having already returned a debt. The woman was critically injured and taken to the hospital where she is presently receiving treatment after suffering severe head injuries.

The Dalit lady was allegedly taken without her will to the accused's residence on saturday night about 10 pm by the accused Pramod Singh, his son Anshu, and four other acquaintances. She was badly beaten with sticks after being savagely attacked and stripped nude. Then Pramod Singh gave his kid the order to pee in the woman's mouth. The victim, however, was able to get away and go back to her house.

The woman allegedly borrowed Rs 1,500 at interest from Pramod Singh a few months ago and paid the loan back at interest. She refused to give the accused any more money despite his repeated requests. If she didn't give them additional money, Pramod had threatened to have the woman go through the village naked.

The woman is said to have previously reported the threats to the police, but nothing happened. The event has caused discontent in the neighbourhood, and the Dalit community and relatives of the victim are calling for swift action. After the event, both of the accused are abusing drugs.

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