One reason for Rahul’s statement could be the bitterness between two veteran leaders of rajasthan congress,

Chief minister ashok gehlot and former state president Sachin Pilot. The political enmity between the two

leaders is well known. Despite all his efforts, rahul is not able to make two prominent leaders of rajasthan,

Ashok Gehlot and Sachin Pilot, sit together. However, some time ago, congress President mallikarjun Kharge

had asked all the leaders of the state to forget their differences and fight the elections together before the

elections and had also instructed them not to make public statements.

After which no statement was made by ashok gehlot and Pilot in the last few days. But, leaders supporting

both have been coming forward from time to time.

A tough competition was reported in different surveys.

Rahul gandhi himself has not given any concrete reason as to why he is doubtful about his victory in

Rajasthan. But it is believed that one reason behind this could be all the surveys conducted in the state and

their results. In fact, before the assembly elections, many election surveys have come out in Rajasthan.

According to these surveys, there may be a close contest between bjp and congress this year. Even though

there is a congress government in the state, Gehlot’s challenges to register victory in the assembly elections are

not less. bharatiya janata party was seen getting lead in C-Voter released a few days ago. Apart from this, in

the recent IANS agency poll survey, congress was seen getting 97-105 seats out of 200. On the other hand,

BJP is also predicted to get 89-97 seats.

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