The ruling BRS is seeking a third term in the state as people’s expectations have risen further after seeing the party-led government’s performance in the last ten years and this is not anti-incumbency, telangana Finance and health minister T harish rao said on Monday. In an interview, Rao, nephew of chief minister K Chandrashekar Rao said people know that if they vote for the BRS, the development will start from the current point and any other dispensation has to do so from scratch.

People have seen how the congress has failed to deliver on the five guarantees in karnataka and they don’t want to see that experiment in telangana, he claimed. The opposition has resorted to all sorts of propaganda but people can see the development and how it has changed their lives. Schemes like Rythu Bandhu (investment support scheme for farmers) and Kalyana lakshmi (marriage assistance scheme) are examples which other states want to follow, he added.

“After ten years of rule, no government can be a 100 per cent satisfaction government. Expectations will be more,” Rao said, adding it is not anti-incumbency. “Still the government did not discontinue the welfare schemes although in some schemes, we could not deliver much,” the Bharat Rashtra Samithi leader said. In case of the farm loan waiver scheme, the Finance minister said the state government has cleared Rs 14,000 crore out of the total Rs 19,000 crore and assured the rest would also be waived off. He said “Going forward, the government has several plans including development of surrounding areas of hyderabad considering the rising population and the education sector

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