The coimbatore City police has informed that the main accused in the coimbatore Jose Alukkas jewelery robbery case may be hiding in Dharmapuri forest. On behalf of the coimbatore police Department, relief materials worth Rs. 5.74 lakh rupees were sent to chennai in a police vehicle along with items donated by the public. Clothes and accessories worth Rs.2 lakhs. coimbatore Commissioner Balakrishnan sent flood relief items worth Rs.5 lakh 74 thousand worth of food items, Rs.79 thousand worth of water bottles and Rs.61 thousand worth of essential items to Chennai. In an interview to the media following this, he said that the main culprit in the Jose Alukas robbery case has not been caught yet. But most of the looted jewelery has been confiscated. Although the main culprit has not been caught, other persons involved in the robbery have been arrested.

5 teams are still searching. Also there is a possibility that the robber Vijay is lurking in the forest area of Dharmapuri district. Vijay's father, the main accused in the case, committed suicide in Dharmapuri. Municipal police Commissioner Balakrishnan said that no complaint has been filed so far regarding his death due to police investigation. Meanwhile, when the special force police surrounded the bandit Vijay in Dharmapuri forest area yesterday, the bandit Vijay escaped from the special force police and escaped by stealing the jewelry from his relative's house in Dharmapuri. It is reported that Vijay, who escaped after stealing about 20 pieces of jewelry, is being searched by the Special Forces Police.

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