All that has gone to waste..!? rakshita ready for divorce..?

The serial actress is said to be ready to divers in dissatisfaction, despite her husband Dinesh expressing her desire to live with rakshita in many ways. Are they sailing the boat of life together till the end? If so it is doubtful. Although some people live happily in the beginning and many people are jealous, later they don't know how to fix differences, egos, etc. rakshita and Dinesh are the people who fell in love and got married after acting together in the first serial of Pirivom Sandhipom. Even after marriage, both rakshita and Dinesh were focusing on the film industry, but a sudden difference of opinion led them to live separately.
A few months ago, there were some reports that both rakshita and Dinesh got divorced. But although nothing was said about this from Rakshita's side, Dinesh said that the problem between them is a normal problem between husband and wife, and they will definitely talk, solve it and live happily again. Also, rakshita, who was seen as the main contestant in bigg boss Season 5, continued to give his full support. He was also giving support. Having behaved a little out of bounds with rakshita, Robert not only expressed his condemnation to the master but expressed his anger that he should be given a red card and sent out. While inside the bigg boss house, rakshita did not say anything about her husband Dinesh, although rakshita was expected to change her mind and accept him once she came out. Doesn't seem to have changed her mind. rakshita did not seem to have lost her heart even after seeing her friends suddenly. Shocking information has come out that now she has taken the decision of divorce into her hand and is talking to the lawyers about it. While rakshita is waiting for a silver screen opportunity after bigg boss, Dinesh is acting in serials 'Eeramana Roja 2' and 'Karthikai Deepam'.

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