There were rumours that puri Jagannadh's classic Amma Nanna O tamil Ammayi was being remade into Liger. Vijay Deverakonda, however, made it clear during a Q&A session with the media that Liger is not a remake and that he will never create remakes. "I really enjoy Amma Nanna O tamil Ammayi. However, Liger is a distinct film. MMA is a different sport than boxing. The main USP is going to be the mother-son bonding. This film has a number of additional components. I actually detest doing remakes, therefore I'll never do them.

Vijay added that Liger is a wholly telugu film. The bollywood composers who created the songs for the film. The plot is pakka telugu, though. It tells the tale of a woman and son who go all the way from karimnagar to Mumbai. We wished to share this tale with the entire nation. He claims he is unafraid of having his film receive good praise. "I have no doubt that we will surpass all expectations. I've always aimed high. My success with Pelli Cjoopulu was significant. arjun reddy and geetha govindam afterwards became considerably larger successes. Liger is a fantastic character with outstanding quality in most scenes. Our responsibility is to draw people to the theatres. They will undoubtedly enjoy the movie once they arrive.

The biggest and hardest film Vijay has ever worked on is called Liger. "It's the most difficult movie I've ever worked on. During physical exercise, there was constant mental stress. For the film, I went beyond all my comfort zones. I had assumed the change could be finished in two months. After two months, I could hardly notice any changes in my body. I therefore took my time. We filmed the parts that didn't reveal my body in between. The learning of fights and dances was also very important. The actor claims he never thought of himself as a dancer. "I needed to practise everything. ananya used to perform well, but I would frequently take takes. Being able to work with her was great.

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