In order to determine his party's genuine strength among grassroots voters, jagan Mohan reddy commissioned studies from a number of different sources. Prior to the 2019 elections, the same survey teams were hired, and they have been forecasting inflated statistics to improve the party's reputation and keep jagan upbeat. These studies address welfare programmes in addition to elections. survey results showed that individuals were pleased each time a new plan was implemented.

As a result, jagan had a false sense of complacency and decided to stay at home rather than interact with the public. As a result, jagan wasn't able to learn about the realities on the ground thanks to the survey teams. However, the projections of these surveyors turned out to be fortuitous with regard to the election outcomes, whether they were general, by-poll, or local, since the party had been winning by a landslide. This increased Jagan's faith in the polls, leading him to rely solely on them. He even thought that by simply staying at home, he could win elections.

Recently, jagan received surveys from every source indicating that his party would easily win the graduate MLC seats. The outcomes, however, were quite the contrary. Although jagan might think that this was a one-time mistake, the truth is that the bogus surveys consistently tricked him. Even the exit polls that jagan was shown indicate that candidates, including the vizag MLC, won with a sizable margin. Even the claim that the candidates would prevail with a 65% majority was false.

It has come to light that they have been conducting fictitious surveys and using purely fictitious data. Additionally, jagan believes that the various surveyor organisations do not collaborate; rather, they all create these fictitious surveys independently. He receives the same or comparable reports from each survey for this reason. 

He must wonder how all the polls could have anticipated such a favourable outcome for the MLC elections given the actual results. It is past time for him to admit the facts and seek out reliable information from other sources, particularly local sources. If not, he might face serious repercussions in the 2019 general elections.

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