Keerthy suresh is currently acting in megastar chiranjeevi Bhola Shankar's telugu movie. She will be seen in the role of a younger sister in this movie. She is doing a pan india movie called Serin with jayam ravi in Tamil. Also a female centric film called Revolver rita Ane is on the sets. Along with that have been committed to two films in Malayalam. 

Meanwhile, news about Keerthy Suresh's marriage has been coming for some time now. Earlier there was a rumor that she had fixed marriage with a businessman. keerthi Suresh's mother gave a clarification and denied it. But recently, she shared a close photo with a man on Instagram. Those photos have gone viral. The person in it was spread widely on social media saying that it was Keerthy Suresh's boyfriend. 

But Keerthy suresh gave clarity on them. She said he was her best friend Farhan. It suggested cross-checking such false stories before airing them. Her father Malayali producer suresh reacted to the news that keerthi is Suresh's lover. They claimed that their daughter Keerthy suresh is not in love with anyone and that they spread false propaganda on the photos taken with her friend Farhan on her birthday.


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