Indian cheese 'Paneer' trending in the U.S.A

The indian Paneer is becoming famous among American people and many restaurants as people started to move in for flexitarian diets. Flexitarian diets mean eating mainly vegetarian, occasionally eating meat or fish. In the US, plant-based cooking is famous among people which may lead to reduce the intake of cheese. But the consumption of curds has risen. The second selling product was cheese Mexican blend at Kroger Co. Now, paneer is the best ingredient for all the go-to vegetarian dishes. Paneer is a good source of protein and the right blend of fats as well. It is also the best option for the Keto diet.

 It is the center for all vegetarian dishes and it has got a good melting point so its shape remains the same even after cooking.
             Paneer can be made with a list of minimum ingredients also. The Interest in paneer has also started from its origin of the place. 'Paneer maker' was trending in google up to 140% last year. Joey Wells, global senior principal of Whole Foods Market said that people started to have more interests in indian cuisine and also learn it to make at home. He also added that they show full growth in that category till now. With many people being flexitarian, paneer shines as the best option.

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