With iSmart Shankar, Ustaad ram pothineni became extremely popular. He is working on an ooraa mass film with mass filmmaker Boyapati. According to rumors, boyapati used Ram's energy to the utmost during the action scenes of the movie. According to sources, the movie includes a thrilling bullfight scene. boyapati asked the action choreographers to give action fans a thrilling experience because his movies are renowned for their massive action sequences. The huge bull battle scene in the movie is very important. As a result, 11 days and a weapon were spent shooting it.

Heavy-duty lights were employed for this combat scene. Up to 28 generators were used for the first time to supply electricity for these lights. The makers hired extra external generators to film the fight scene because a private studio was unable to provide this many generators at once. According to reports, boyapati also employed comparable powerful lighting power for a special performance about ram and urvashi Rautela. The sources were introduced to make the screen overall brighter and more colorful.

The movie is being produced on a massive stage with a huge budget. The film's title hasn't yet been revealed by the producers. While Santosh Detake is the film's director of photography, Thaman has composed the soundtrack. On dasara night, october 20, 2023, the big-budget movie is scheduled to open in theatres. It will be released in Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, and other regional dialects and is a pan-Indian film.

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