Chinmayi attacked Kamal for this..!?

It is known that the wrestlers are protesting in delhi to condemn the sexual assaults on the wrestlers and to get justice for the National Wrestling Federation President, bjp mp Brij bhushan Singh. The wrestlers also decided to take the issue to the notice of the international Olympians and seek their support. Kamal Haasan, President of Universal Star Makkal Needi Maiyam tweeted in support of the month-long protest by the wrestlers. It has been a month since the wrestlers' protest began. We have brought those who were supposed to compete for national glory to fight for personal security. Fellow Indians. Who deserves our attention..? Whether it is our national sports icons or politicians with criminal records, he tweeted. kollywood singer chinmayi Sripada countered Kamal's tweet.

A singer has been banned for 5 years in tamil Nadu for questioning a man accused of harassing women. Even though it happened right in front of their eyes, they never talked about it because they respected the other person. chinmayi tweeted, just asking, how can we trust politicians who now speak for women's safety without caring about the harassment that happened to them. She wrote that because of this tweet, she will have to face obscene comments on her timeline.

As part of the metoo Moment, chinmayi revealed about tamil star writer Vairamuthu's sexual assault on her. But at that time no one stood in support of chinmayi and she was banned from kollywood for five years. That's why if someone comments about sexual assault, no one has responded to the injustice done to them, but commenting on something that happened somewhere washes away. Kamal's fans are on fire at Chinmayi's response to Kamal's tweet. chinmayi Sripada is brave enough not to leave anyone behind in this matter. While some are supporting Chinmayi's tweet on Kamal's tweet, others are saying that Kamal was targeted because of what he did.

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