WATCH - Little Girl Dancing to Mimi Param Sundari Song and Recreates Magic!

It is a common trend to recreate the favorite movie scenes or songs as it easily grabs us in the limelight. Recently, Suriya praised kerala youngsters for recreating the 'Ayan' movie song and similarly telugu youngsters recreated the 'Vakeel Saab' fight scene and got appreciation. Now, a little kid has danced to 'Param Sundari' in Mimi and as the kid has danced to Kriti Sanon's steps the whole Internet is awestruck by the kid's talent and the video has gone viral. 

The little kid not just dressed like kriti sanon but she also matched the steps along with Kriti Sanon's speed and graceful moves are winning the Internet. Meanwhile, kriti sanon is on cloud nine as her movie is getting lots of positive reviews everywhere and the comedy and emotions blended together are working in favor of the movie. 

No wonder, AR Rahman's song is a huge plus as all the songs are magical and have blended in the flow of the scenes. 'Hututu' song has been released recently and within 24 hours the song has already crossed more than 4 Million views and this is really a huge one considering the fact the movie doesn't have any star value. The movie is lapped by audiences of various states as language also doesn't seem a barrier for Mimi.

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